Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just thought I would add something cute that madi said..
well let me set it up first.... I was cleaning the kitchen and the kids were in the living room. I kept hearing them pause the T.V. I said to them

me: what are yall doing? why do you keep pausing the tv?

Madi: we are writing down our Christmas list.

me: You are pausing each commercial and adding it to your list..

Madi: Yes

me: You know thats not the way it works right?

I looked on madi's list and it had so much stuff... Madison had a Nintendo DS and had some wii dance game on there along with many other things...

me: Madi we dont even own a wii

Madi: I know... the wii is on Zacks list... LOL

I can not believe they are trying to out smart the system!!!
I think it may be time to tell her santa is not real and mommy and daddy have to buy all of this stuff... LOL


Mandie said...

OMG the lists here are OUT OF CONTROL! I finally told the kids for each new thing they add to their list, I was going to return one gift to the store. Thankfully the list has stopped growing! I hate the tv. =D

crack'n up ourselves said...

That is hilarious!

Lisa Meyer said...

So cute!

Kristin said...

That is really funny!! did you get a wii for Christmas?

Haven't been on here in too long. How are all of you doing? How is the business?? Miss you.